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Picuris Pueblo Council Resolution Opposing Low Altitude Military Training


Noise Is Damaging to Health

This is an in-depth study demonstrating lasting health problems from exposure to high levels of noise.


LATA Update

All the military bases in New Mexico are growing while community programs disappear.

Both Kirtland and Cannon Air Force bases are expanding training exercises over northern New Mexico. Read more

Air Force Low Altitude Training Area (LATA) Proposal

The US Airforce proposes to fly the CV-22 Osprey and the C-130 airplanes at altitudes of 300 feet above ground level.

They will fly at night and at speeds up to 350 MPH. These maneuvers include in-flight refueling. There will be three flights per night over the mountains and valleys of a 60,700 square mile area of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. Read more

Map of USA Drone Bases

RPA DoD Ops Activities

Map of Proposed Cannon afb LATA Fly-Over Area

New Fly Over Area

Military Maneuvers in Cibola National Forest Near Magdalena, NM

Read more

United States Military Base Locations Interactive Map

View The Location of Military Bases in The United States in a larger map

Talking Peace: NM and Okinawa – KFUN Peace Radio

Peaceful Skies Coalition Teach-In

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