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Osprey kicks up dust when landing.
Fuel line from C-130 for mid-flight refueling of 2 Ospreys.
'Elephant Walk' display of bombers moving to take-off.
Osprey flying below the ridge in Northern NM.
Protest at NM Legislature - Nov 2011. Only the airforce was allowed to speak at a hearing.
Osprey Landing at Taos Airport, January 2014.

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Welcome to the re-designed Peaceful Skies Coalition website. Let us know how you like it.

Growing the Peaceful Skies Coalition
The coalition of communities fighting expanded militarization continues to grow. When the Peaceful Skies Coalition came together in 2010, we had to act quickly to stop the military at Cannon airforce base from literally taking the skies over our heads for practicing endless war. We were not going to live in a Low Altitude Training Area (LATA) and made that loud and clear to the government.

Thanks to a huge public outcry helped by the Pentagon’s failure to follow the law when developing their plan, the proposal was withdrawn in 2012. It took hundreds of volunteers and many thousands of donated hours over three years to hold back the final destruction of the Rocky Mountains and the short grass prairies of the southern Great Plains.

The Movement Grows
While el norte was fighting the LATA, we met people from communities around Holloman and Kirtland, two other New Mexico airforce bases. They were also trying to stop land and airspace grabs for expanded “training.”

As the movement for peaceful skies has grown, we have learned that not only New Mexico, but communities around the US – and in many countries around the world – are also fighting US military base and airspace expansions. As we connect with each other, our movement gains power. It will take a national effort to stop this madness.

NEW!! Report Low Altitude Military Flights Online
With only a few clicks, you can report low altitude military flights in your community to the Peaceful Skies Coalition. There is a direct link on every page to a form for entering flight information. We hope the link and form will make it easier to report flights and share information.

You Can Help Grow the Movement
We welcome news and information from the other communities hard at work for peaceful skies. Think of this website as a hub, a place to connect with other communities. Here are a few links to communities standing together right now against low altitude military flights and war practice. While not a comprehensive list, it is a sample of the communities across the US from the Atlantic to the middle of the Pacific standing up to militarism.

Whidbey Island Washington (
Burlington Vermont (
Tucson Arizona (
Beaufort South Carolina (,
Bear Mountains New Mexico (
Hawai’i (

Thank you for helping build the movement for peaceful skies! Stay in touch, we need each other to turn the country from war fighting to peacemaking.

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