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LATA Update

All the military bases in New Mexico are growing while community programs disappear.

Both Kirtland and Cannon Air Force bases are expanding training exercises over northern New Mexico.

  • On January 26th an Osprey was doing touch-and-go practice, landing and taking off from Taos
    airport. This seems to be happening more frequently.
  • Combined ground and air war maneuvers are being held in the Cibola National Forest and
    trespassing on private land near Magdalena, (See Video). The
    communities are fighting to stop the military training on our public lands.
  • Peaceful Skies Coalition regularly receives reports from ranchers on the Eastside that are
    affected by low flying military aircraft.
  • Also, in January, Ospreys, C-130s and other military aircraft have been disturbing the peace and
    frightening people with extremely low altitude flights over the Brazos Cliffs area, Sipapu Ski
    resort, and other areas of northern New mexico.

The Air Force is still buying and flying new Ospreys into Cannon AFB. We are organizing to stop their
plan to go ahead with the Low Altitude Training Area (LATA). Our coming together successfully
stopped the Air Force in 2012. Our public and private lands are being more and more militarized. It is
imperative that they be stopped. PSC is expecting Cannon AFB to initiate an Environmental Impact
Statement in the near future.

The military is hoping that divide-and-conquer will work. They underestimate how united we are against
the LATA and other expanded militarization, land and airspace grabs. We are united across New Mexico
and our movement is growing and joining with communities in Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, South Carolina,
and Vermont; and internationally with Okinawa and Jeju Island, Korea. Communities are standing
together to say that the military already has enough land and airspace.

It’s time to shrink the military, not expand it. It is time for the US to put people first again.

Peaceful Skies Coalition – with your help and support – will fight to preserve these precious pristine
areas, teeming with wildlife, home to nearly one million people, world heritage sites, headwaters of
many rivers, ranch and farm lands, forests, parks and cultural centers. This land is our home. Our
livelihoods and health are dependent on the land, air, and water.

More information and a calendar of events will be sent soon.